The shadows on the ground are more important than the tables casting them. The tables are cropped so that they are only partially evident and become a pattern of curved  and straight lines. These contrast substantially with the elliptical cast shadows which just  touch each other and form a figure of eight. The interplay between these different sets of elements results in an asymmetrically balanced composition.  
18 x 18 x ¾ in / 45.5 x 45.5 x 2.0 cm  unframed          25 x 25 x 1 in / 63 x 63 x 3.5cm  framed   The painting is protected with Gloss UV Varnish.  A white wooden frame, as illustrated, comes with this painting.  
NICK HAIS                                       ‘Shadows 4 - Two Metal Tables’                   NH467   Acrylic on Canvas   2015                             £1,600